Lets Understand It Together!

What Am I Doing Now?

For the longest time I dreamt of working for myself and not having to wake up every morning and have to go to work. That is why I started looking into ways that I can make money from home.

Honestly it hasn’t been an easy task for me. There have been a lot of drawbacks and money wasted but I feel like I am finally starting to break through. To make this easier I have found a few things that I want to share with everyone as I think people have to be aware that there are some things that work and a lot of things that don’t don’t end up fresno bankruptcy.

Self Publishing – is it for me?

One of the things that has work for me is K Money Mastery by Stephan Pylarnos. It is an ebook publishing course that allows you to make money using the Amazon platform. This is one by outsourcing books using things like iwriter and upwork and then getting covers made by people on Fiverr for 5 bucks. All in all it takes about $300 start and publish a book and sometimes you can make $50 a month and with others you can make 2 or even $300 per month per books. So you can see where it’s going here, the more books you make the more money you can possibly get.


Now I am just getting my foot in the door with all of this, but I see BIG POTENTIAL and am very excited which is why I want to share this with you today.

Get started with a BOOM!

Another thing I am VERY excited about is this software called bluechip backlinks – with this software you can find some very high domain authority expired domains that you can use to give your website a real boost. How? If you buy a domain with lots of links pointing towards it, you can get a great boost in your rankings when trying to start a new website. Some people call this smart, some people call this dumb, some people call this grey hat SEO but why wouldn’t you use it if you could?

Plus there is this really cool way you can use estibot along with bluechip backlinks to get a TON of extremely powerful domains all at once.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on how to start your pursuits as it has helped mine. Of course results may vary for all but this is a good starting point. For more good pointers check out The lazy plumbers website

A Few Words On Wisdom

God is Good Enough – and it is from where the entire stream of wisdom originates. The second facet of wisdom is an element that we often overlook. What will we do with God’s wisdom outside of our individual realm? Will we do what Solomon modeled for us? In the passage we read, it is clear that Solomon didn’t just use his wisdom, he imparted it.

He could’ve hung onto it and used it for his own selfish means. He could’ve horded it like a monopolistic monarch. He could have, but he didn’t. In fact, he did the opposite. He gave it away in whatever way he could. You could say he was wise with his wisdom. What comes from God is good enough to be given away.

And give away he did. Solomon penned proverbs – 3000 of them. He wrote songs. He understood the power of multi-media marketing. Get the wise words out in whatever way possible! Solomon even went so far as to develop SolomonU, or the Solomon International Institute of Higher Learning, where you could take courses directly from the professor himself–you didn’t get his teaching assistant or a substitute. Solomon was wise, seemingly humble, full of grace and he loved to teach. What he knew was too good to keep in the box. Always keep your mind and soul purged with the fact that the God is good enough

You might say to yourself, “If only I had wisdom like that.” Well, good news. It is available to you as well. God’s wisdom, given to the wisest of the wise, is still available to you and like all of God’s words, it is meant to be shared. So, ask yourself: What am I doing with God’s wisdom? How am I contributing that wisdom to this world? to the kids in my life? to the people I know?


Watch – God is Good Enough With Lyrics Here!



Here is my review on the best-seller;”COMMONSENSE PERSONAL GROWTH”. IT IS A NEW, PRACTICAL, COMMONSENSE alternative approach to PERSONAL GROWTH.The principles are EASY to master and SIMPLE to apply.You will enjoy SUCCESS as a continuous process that EMPOWERS both you and those around you. Basically it is a self-help book with a lot of effectiveness.

After reading, “COMMONSENSE PERSONAL GROWTH” You will Find Out:

  • How to develop the Qualities you already have, but undervalue and therefore don’t use effectively
  • How to identify and change the Decisions you made earlier in your life that now hold you back
  • How to appreciate the Truth about yourself – that you are as important as anyone else
  • How to resolve conflict both inside and outside yourself that drains you and stops you moving forward
  • How to respect your own values and those of others
  • How important it is to give and receive in equal parts

For over 20 years I have worked with people facing a wide variety of life challenges. During that time I have used my analytical training to evaluate all the methods I and others have used. In that process I have rejected many commonly accepted methods of assisting people because they did not lead to permanent changes or created dependency on the helper.

What I present to you in “Commonsense Personal Growth” helps you to be more independent of others, works extremely well and quickly for anyone who sincerely wants to make changes and it stands up to rigorous commonsense examination.

“Commonsense Personal Growth” gives you a basic Tool Kit for Life which is simple to understand and effective in helping you to make permanent changes.Using this basic Tool Kit for Life I provide personal coaching to a wide variety of people, in person, by phone and on the Internet and publish my own ezine “CPG News” each month.Here are some unsolicited testimonials about “Commonsense Personal Growth”

Commonsense Personal Growth” is unlike other books in this field. It is written precisely and simply, providing tools showing you how to achieve your fullest potential NOW without having to wade through pages of repeating information and waiting to get what you want. After reading about Truth and Love I was finally able to integrate the true meaning of these energies almost instantaneously. I highly recommend this book for any person on the path of personal growth.

I found it clear and concise and oh so truthful. It gives down to earth examples that people can relate to and provides the opportunity for anyone to make progress

I love it – the honesty, the clarity, the core values and the ‘commonsense’ of it all. It’s empowering for me to now have a book which I can easily refer to for further self development, awareness and enlightenment. I’m beginning to use these principles in my clinic to assist others to reach their destinations and I’m really enjoying participating in the clarity others achieve too.

Your investment in this popular E-Book “Commonsense Personal Growth” is only $4.95 – a very small investment for the quality of what you get. I find the written exercises are real triggers to examine deep issues and heal unresolved parts of my being. They are very valuable and because they are so simple you can apply them to many areas of your life.

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Greetings!!

A new year often signals a time for us to analyze our lives and how we’ve been doing. Is there anything we could do in this next year that is smarter or better than we did in the past year? Are we learning anything from year to year? In surfing, getting the wisdom of the waves comes through trial and error and by listening to those who have gone before. Tips and tricks on how you weild the board can make all the difference in the outcome of your outing.

Biblical wisdom is no different. Our lifelong outing is largely based on what we do with the wisdom of God. When we think of Biblical wisdom, most of our thoughts turn to King Solomon, known for his wisdom. If you have a moment, please read 1 Kings 3, and 1 Kings 4:29- 34.

Wisdom is the ultimate decision filter. What you do with God’s wisdom is very important. The first decision you have to make is a personal one. Will I act on wisdom in my individual life? Solomon had clearly decided that he would act upon the wisdom that had been given to him.